April 17, 2018: Kevin Gibson

SPEAKERS: April 2018

April Speakers Arranged by Glen Froom
Opportunities for Learning and Fellowship Through Weekly Meetings, Social and Sporting Events




The GWMC Club Meets Weekly at the Italian Canadian Club 135 Ferguson Street, Guelph, Ontario  N1E 2Y7 Meetings start at 10a.m. promptly and end by 11a.m. each Tuesday morning unless otherwise indicated in the monthly schedule. Check the home page for the month's presentations, activities and dates. For further information Contact Via -  Email Here.
The Guelph Wellington Men's Club Suite 197, 3-304 Stone Road West, Guelph, Ontario,   CA  N1G 4W4.  Regular meetings of the Club are held most Tuesdays at the Italian Canadian Club of Guelph  Opportunities for learning and fellowship through weekly meetings, social and sporting events.
Board Members 2017-2018 OFFICERS: President – David Bain 1 st  Vice-President – Dale Lockie – New Initiatives 2 nd  Vice-President – Jim Howse – Finance + Greeters Secretary – Ron Dolynchuk Treasurer – Keith Devolin Assistant Treasurer – Howard Simpson Membership Secretary – Robert Lindsay Past President – Alan Green – Nominations and Awards Directors – to August 31 st  2018: Graham Ford – Thought of the Day Glen Froom – Anniversary Luncheon Ian McMillan – Choir and Anthems John Prescott – Health of Members Jack Schill – Tours and Lunch Gary Thomson – House Committees Directors – to August 31 st  2019: Allan Dyer – Program Committee Thom Herrmann – Sporting Events Jim McQueen – Christmas Luncheon Ralph Sykes – Special Events (Theatre and Races) David Walpole – Spring Luncheon TBD Financial Review Committee: Peter Stonehouse, Joseph Valeriote Bulletin – Ken Jeffrey Webmaster – Randy Cook  
April 2018
Benefit Auctioneer Specialist  “The Inside Scoop on Being an  Auctioneer”
Greeters: Bruce Watson, David Churchill Anthem: Lane Van Geest Thought for the Day: John Thomson Introduction: Glen Froom Thanks: Jim McQueen

April 3, 2018: Rich Moccia

April 10, 2018: Spring Luncheon

Annual Event "Spring Luncheon ICC at 11:30 AM
Membership Profile Membership Secretary Rob Lindsay, at the March 6th Board Meeting, indicated the membership profile as: Active Members 320 Associate Members 26 Pending 7 Life Members 3 Wait List 0 You will notice that the wait list for membership in the club is down to zero! All members are encouraged to recruit colleagues and friends to join us.            NEEDED FOR THE ARCHIVES Club Rosters for 1985/86, 1990/91, 1992/93, 1994/95,1995/96, 2000/01. If you have any of these please contact the Club archivist David Hull at 519-821-9972 or dchull@rogers.com. New Members We are very pleased to our most recent new Members:
Passings The Club notes with regret the recent passings of Brock Pilkey and Sylvia wife of Doug Long.
GWMC Board of Directors 2017-2018
Director, Aquaculture Centre University of Guelph “The Blue Revolution: Aquaculture is a Game Changer in the World's Seafood Supply”
Greeters: Charles Toth, Gerry Hyde Anthem: Wayne Gatehouse Thought for the Day: John Miller Introduction: Glen Froom Thanks: Gerald Hyde

April 24, 2018: Dr. Laura Harrington

Greeters: Don Rudman, Helmut Slisarenko Anthem: Fred Graham Thought for the Day: Murray Woods Introduction: Glen Froom Thanks: Don McKay
Managing Director McMaster Institute for Research on Aging and Labarge Centre for Mobility in Aging  “Why Research in Aging Matters, and How to Use It to Your Advantage”
Thursday May 10th The Theatre Subcommittee has booked a block of seats for a Drayton Entertainment production of "West Side Story" Matinee on Thursday, May 10, 2018 at 2 P.M. in the St Jacobs Country Playhouse.  Lunch at the COURTYARD MARRIOTT (Right next Door) includes a Dinner Buffet, Cash Bar and a Free Draw. ALL THIS FOR $80.00 PER PERSON NON-MEMBERS WELCOMED
REGISTER TO RECEIVE EMAILS FROM THE CLUB Members (especially new members) who haven’t already done so are invited to register to receive emails from the club. They should register by sending an email to the following email address registerme@guelphwellingtonmensclub.ca .  In the body of the email include your Name and Membership Number.  
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Health and Celebrations of Members To report on the Health of Members for April 1 to 15: Contact Don Crow at 519-843-5537 or email Don here. From April 16 to April 30: Contact Denis Little at 519-400-3839 or email Denis here. Items for May 2018 Bulletin Contact Ken Jeffrey at 519-820-0798 or email Ken Here By April 20
Are you experiencing a ‘trying’ time in your life and would like contact with someone in the Club who has gone through the same experience? The following is a list of Club Members that have volunteered and that you may contact directly by phone. If you are not able to connect with that support person, you can call Jim Hunt, 519-821-1577, George Hughes 519- 780-0735, Jim Clarke 519-821-7196 or Jim Sanders 519-780-5240 for assistance. The following issues and support people are ready to help. Alcohol Addiction – Ray Middleton, 519-836-1066 Anxiety – John Core, 519-836-6250 Bipolarism – Ray Middleton, 519-836-1066 Cardiac Arrest – Keith Devolin, 519-836-7675 Child Abuse – Ken Hills, 519-836-8414 Death of a Wife – George Hughes, 519-780-0735 Depression- Ivor Wright, 519-836-7335 Family Problems – Vince Wall, 519-836-0622 Heart Attack – Bob Renton, 519-822-4008 Inability to Cough Effectively – Danny Butler, 519-763-8409 Loss of a Child – Dick Haas, 519-843-3113 Mental Health – Ross Knechtel, 226-706-4058 Prostate Cancer – Lawrie Jackson – 519-763-1595 or 519-763-0035 Suicide In Family – Jim Clarke, 519-821-7196 Vision Problems/Blindness – Jim Sanders, 519-780-5240 If you would like to be an additional support person for one of the above listed topics or for a new topic such as listed below, please give your name, telephone number and topic to Jim Hunt, 519-821-1577, George Hughes 519-780-0735, Jim Clarke 519-821-7196 or Jim Sanders 519-780-5240. Other topics could include Aging and general health problems Alzheimers / Dementia of Spouse Change of Independence Change of Residence Giving Up Driver’s Licence Hearing Problems Heart Problems Parkinsons                                                                            Terminal illness of a spouse or self

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