November 27 2018: Dr. Alistair Edger

SPEAKERS: November 2018

November Speakers Arranged by Jim Sanders and Ken Embree




The GWMC Club Meets Weekly at the Italian Canadian Club 135 Ferguson Street, Guelph, Ontario  N1E 2Y7 Meetings start at 10a.m. promptly and end by 11a.m. each Tuesday morning unless otherwise indicated in the monthly schedule. Check the home page for the month's presentations, activities and dates. For further information Contact Via -  Email Here.
The Guelph Wellington Men's Club Suite 197, 3-304 Stone Road West, Guelph, Ontario,   CA  N1G 4W4.  Regular meetings of the Club are held most Tuesdays at the Italian Canadian Club of Guelph  Opportunities for learning and fellowship through weekly meetings, social and sporting events.
Board Members 2018-2019 OFFICERS: President – Dale Lockie 1 st  Vice-President – Jim Howse 2 nd  Vice-President – TBA Secretary – Ron Dolynchuk Treasurer – Keith Devolin Assistant Treasurer – Howard Simpson Membership Secretary – Robert Lindsay Past President – David Bain Directors – to August 31 st  2019: Allan Dyer Thom Herrmann Jim McQueen Ralph Sykes David Walpole Wayne Hawkes Directors – to August 31 st  2020: David Bacon Derek Bewley Lloyd Hicks Norm Hunter Lawrence Jackson Jim Thomson Financial Review Committee: Peter Stonehouse, Joseph Valeriote Bulletin – Ken Jeffrey Webmaster – Randy Cook  
November 2018
Baisillie School of International Affairs  Wilfrid Laurier University “Peace in Pieces”
Greeters: Dave Elliot, John Miller Anthem: Martin Bauer Thought for the Day: Don Johns Introduction: David Bain Thanks: Thomas Herrmann

November 6 2018: Jim Sanders

November 13 2018: Tauni Sheldon

At the October 2nd Meeting the Board accepted the resignation of Bruno Will and Bob Mackenzie. Membership Profile Membership Secretary Rob Lindsay, at the July 17th Board Meeting, indicated the membership profile as: Active Members 321 Associate Members 31 Pending 13 Life Members 3 Wait List 0 You will notice that the wait list for membership in the club is down to zero! All members are encouraged to recruit colleagues and friends to join us.            NEEDED FOR THE ARCHIVES Club Rosters for 1985/86, 1990/91, 1992/93, 1994/95,1995/96, 2000/01. If you have any of these please contact the Club archivist David Hull at 519-821-9972 or Health and Celebrations of Members  Health and Celebrations of Members   Contact David Smith at 519 212-0918 or  to report on the health of members for November 2018 Items for December 2018 Bulletin Contact Ken Jeffrey at 519 820-0798 or  By November 20th 2018  New Members The Club extends a warm hand in friendship to our Newest Members; Mike Bouk    and        Mike Silvani
Passings: The Club notes with regret the recent passings of Grant McRae, Bill Tossell, Tom Hulland and former member Don Sutherland.
GWMC Board of Directors 2018-2019
GWMC Member “Veterans with a Vision: Canada’s War Blinded in Peace and War”
Greeters: Arthur Cutten, Jack Findlay Anthem: Men’s Club Choir Thought for the Day: Men’s Club Choir Introduction: Ken Embree Thanks: Charlie Toth
REGISTER TO RECEIVE EMAILS FROM THE CLUB Members (especially new members) who haven’t already done so are invited to register to receive emails from the club. They should register by sending an email to the following email address .  In the body of the email include your Name and Membership Number.  
Guelph Wellington Men’s Club
If you are experiencing a “trying” time and would like to contact someone in confidence who has gone through the same experience you may phone/contact that person directly, see list below. If you are not able to contact that support person you can phone Jim Hunt, 519-821-1577, George Hughes 519-780-0735, Jim Clarke 519-821-7196 or Jim Sanders 519-780-5240. The following issues and support people who have volunteered to share experiences are listed below. Alcohol Addiction – Ray Middleton, 519-836-1066 Alzheimer's, Dementia, Senility – Jim Mottin, 519-822-5278 Anxiety – John Core, 519-836-6250 Bipolarism – Ray Middleton, 519-836-1066 Cardiac Arrest – Keith Devolin, 519-836-7675 Child Abuse – Ken Hills, 519-836-8414 Death of a Wife – George Hughes, 519-780-0735 Depression- Jim Mottin, 519-822-5278 Loss of a Loved One - Ivor Wright, 519-836-7335;  Family Problems – Vince Wall, 519-836-0622 Heart Attack – Bob Renton, 519-822-4008 Inability to Cough Effectively – Danny Butler, 519-763-8409 Loss of a Child – Dick Haas, 519-843-3113 Mental Health – Ross Knechtel, 226-706-4058 Prostate Cancer – Lawrie Jackson – 519-763-1595 or 519-763-0035; Ted Pritchard – 519-826-6121 Suicide In Family – Jim Clarke, 519-821-7196 Vision Problems/Blindness – Jim Sanders, 519-780-5240 Other topics could include       * Aging and general health problems        * Giving Up Driver’s Licence                   * Heart Problems                                           *Hearing Problems                                        * Change of Independence                           * Terminal illness of a spouse or self       * Change of Residence                                  * Parkinsons If you are willing to be a support person or an additional support person for one of the above topics or to add to this list and/or share your “trying times” this way, please give your name, telephone number and topic to Jim Hunt, 519-821-1577, George Hughes 519-780-0735, Jim Clarke 519-821-7196 or Jim Sanders 519-780-5240. April 19, 2018

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November 20 2018: Ted Cowan

Advocate for Inuit Culture  “Sixties Scoop Baby”
Greeters: Steven Henrikson, Garner Patrick Anthem: Fred Graham Thought for the Day: Paul Webb Introduction: Jim Sanders Thanks: Graham Ford
Greeters: Ron Lappan, Vince Wall Anthem: Malcolm Coutts Thought for the Day: Tony Gibbs Introduction: David Churchill Thanks: Earl Osborne
Ontario Federation of Agriculture (Retired)  “Supply Management: Utter Nonsense?”
GWMC Choir 2018/2019 Season If you enjoy singing, even if you cannot read music, come and join the Choir Tuesdays,  8:30-9:30 AM at the ICC. Reap the benefits of group singing: improved health, cognition and happiness while enjoying the fun and fellowship of like minded men.
2018 Christmas Luncheon Hold the Date ! - December 11, 2018 - Italian Canadian Club at Noon Good Food - Good Wine - Good Entertainment - Good Fellowship How Could You Ask for More ? Tuesday December 11th at 12 Noon Turkey Dinner (vegetarian option)with appetizer and dessert Red and White Wine Live Entertainment: - Graham and Bowie Ticket Sales - November 20th ,27th and, December 4th
Opportunities for Learning and Fellowship Through Weekly Meetings, Social and Sporting Events
Tours and Lunches November 20th University of Guelph Fish Farm Details to follow
New Member Orientation Tuesday, November 27th at 11:15 am – 1:00 pm in the Board Room next to our meeting room. Objectives:     -To meet other new members; -To increase your comfort zone in the Club; -To provide a fuller understanding of the Club and what it stands for -To outline the role of a Club member. Lunch will be served at 12:30 pm. Register at the orientation table at the regular meetings on November 13 and 20 or email .
Need A Ride? A few members have offered to assist fellow members by sharing a ride to a Tuesday morning meeting. Their names are listed below.  As this is an unofficial and informal arrangement between yourself and the member, check with one who lives in your area to see if ride arrangements are possible.  If you would like to offer a ride for fellow members, please contact David Bain. Old University Area -  Nick Harris, Ron Dolynchuk, or Thom Hermann  Victoria Road South End - Jim Howse  Woodlawn and Victoria Road - Paul Truex  Guelph Lake Area - Graham Ford  Woodland Glen (YMCA) - David Bain 
To email one of the Ride Share Members, click on their name.