The GWMC Club Meets Weekly at the Italian Canadian Club 135 Ferguson Street, Guelph, Ontario N1E 2Y7 Meetings start at 10a.m. promptly and end by 11a.m. each Tuesday morning unless otherwise indicated in the monthly schedule. Check the home page for the month's presentations, activities and dates. For further information Contact Via - Email Here.
Address Suite 197, 3-304 Stone Road West, Guelph, Ontario, CA N1G 4W4. Regular meetings of the Club are held most Tuesdays at the Italian Canadian Club of Guelph Opportunities for learning and fellowship through weekly meetings, social and sporting events.
The Guelph-Wellington Men’s Club Board Members, Officers and Assignments 2020-2021 OFFICERS: President –– Jim Sanders – Archives and History 1 st Vice-President – John Hart – Communications and Programs 2 nd Vice-President – Jim Mottin - Finance Secretary – Ron Dolynchuk Treasurer – Keith Devolin Assistant Treasurer – Howard Simpson Membership Secretary – Robert Lindsay Past President – Jim Howse – Nominations and Awards Directors – to August 31 st 2021: Art Cutten - Greeters Graham Ford - Programs Thom Herrmann Ken Le Lacheur – December Luncheon Bob Keleher – Spring Luncheon Jim Tsujita – Sporting Events Directors – to August 31 st 2022 Phil Allt – House Committees Fred Dawkins – Thought for the Day Rick Light – Conduct of Meetings Brian Magee – Lunches / Tours & Social Events Dale Schenk – Strategic Concepts Group Dan Waterston – Anthems & Choir Financial Review Committee: Peter Stonehouse David Dorion Bulletin – Ken Jeffrey WebmasterRandy Cook
Welcome to the Guelph Wellington Men’s Club
If you are experiencing a “trying” time and would like to contact someone in confidence who has gone through the same experience you may phone/contact that person directly, see list below. If you are not able to contact that support person you can phone Jim Hunt, 519-821-1577, George Hughes 519-780-0735, Jim Clarke 519-821-7196 or Jim Sanders 519-780-5240. The following issues and support people who have volunteered to share experiences are listed below. Alcohol Addiction – Ray Middleton, 519-836-1066 Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Senility – Jim Mottin, 519-822-5278; Alzheimer’s of spouse - Bill Greenaway, 519-766-1316 Anxiety – John Core, 519-836-6250 Bipolarism – Ray Middleton, 519-836-1066 Cardiac Arrest – Keith Devolin, 519-836-7675 Child Abuse – Ken Hills, 519-836-8414 Death of a Wife – George Hughes, 519-780-0735; Bill Greenaway, 519-766-1316 Depression- Jim Mottin, 519-822-5278 Driving Accident/Worried – Jim Clarke, 519-821-7196 Family Problems – Vince Wall, 519-836-0622 Heart Attack – Bob Renton, 519-822-4008 Inability to Cough Effectively – Danny Butler, 519-763-8409 Loss of a Child – Dick Haas, 519-843-3113; George Hughes, 519-780-0735 Loss of a Loved One - Ivor Wright, 519-836-7335; Mental Health – Ross Knechtel, 226-706-4058 Parkinson’s – Ralph Sykes, 519-837-3640 Prostate Cancer – Lawrie Jackson – 519-763-1595 or 519-763-0035; Ted Pritchard – 519-826-6121 Suicide In Family – Jim Clarke, 519-821-7196 Vision Problems/Blindness – Jim Sanders, 519-780-5240 Other topics could include * Aging and general health problems *Hearing Problems * Change of Independence * Heart Problems * Change of Residence * Terminal illness of a spouse or self If you are willing to be a support person or an additional support person for one of the above topics or to add to this list and/or share your “trying times” this way, please give your name, telephone number and topic to Jim Hunt, 519-821- 1577, George Hughes 519-780-0735, Jim Clarke 519-821-7196 or Jim Sanders 519-780-5240. July 25, 2019

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Opportunities for Learning and Fellowship Through Weekly Meetings, Social and Sporting Events
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Health and Celebrations of Members Contact Evan Spicer at 519-822-7230 or to report on the health of members for June 2021
Items for the July 2021 Bulletin Contact Ken Jeffrey at 519-820-0798 or by June 20th.


SPEAKERS FOR JUNE 2021 Select Speaker to Enlarge Details Speakers Arranged by Murray Matheson
President: Jim Sanders Vice President: John Hart Treasurer: Keith Devolin Secretary: Ron Dolynchuk
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Welcome to JUNE 2021
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1 June Speaker: Isha Kahn.
CEO Canadian Museum for Human Rights.
“The Canadian Museum for Human Rights”
8 June Speaker: Lorne Fitch,
Environmental biologist U of C adjunct Prof.
“Grandfather’s Trout: A Grandchild's Memory”
15 June Speaker: Chris Green
Guelph Outdoor School.
“Natures Connections for a Changing World."
22 June Speaker: John Valeriote,
Club Member
“Frank Lloyd Wright”
29 June Speaker: Phil Jensen
Project Specialist, City of Guelph
“The Evolving Waste Management System in Guelph”
New Member The Club Welcomes as a New Member: Ian Thompson