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OCTOBER 3, 2023 Jim Chambers Former Research Scientist, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada “Probiotic Potential for the Gastrointestinal Microbiota”
OCTOBER 10, 2023 Ed Mizzi Retired Teacher from Halton County and Amateur Astronomer “Astronomy, Way Out There !“
OCTOBER 17, 2023 Howard Johnson Retired Accountant & Active GWMC Member “A History of Income and Commodity Taxes”
OCTOBER 24, 2023 Phil Allt Former Teacher / City Councillor Ward 3 “Guelph Future Direction”
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OCTOBER 31, 2023 Royal Hamel Semi-retired Pastor “My Life as a Paralyzed Pastor”
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Welcome to the Guelph Wellington Men’s Club
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SPEAKERS FOR OCTOBER 2023 Arranged by Jim Sanders and Harley Nicholson President: Thom Herrmann, Vice President: John Core, Treasurer: Brian Magee, Secretary: Ron Dolynchuk